About Us & Our Programs

One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want. Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.

About Us

Motto: "It's Not a Name...It's a Mindset."

Description: True Eagle Beauty Foundation is a not for profit (501c3) organization that provides presentations, workshops, programs & projects and mentoring geared towards the youth.

Mission: Our mission is to continue impacting lives by the empowerment and edification of the younger generation.

Board of Directors

VaLarie Humphrey

Founder & Executive Director

Jewel Bronaugh

Board Treasure

David Allen

Board President

Jalitza Colon

Board Member

Mark Carlin

Board Secretary

Marianne Renner

Board Member

Cynthia Latimer

Board Member

Mentoring Program Overview

True Eagle Beauty Foundation is a not for profit organization that provides presentations, workshops, CommUNITY programs & projects and mentoring geared towards the youth. Since 2012 True Eagle Beauty mentoring programs have provided an opportunity for girls to become Eagle-minded young ladies. Our programs inevitably lead them to having a higher self-esteem and allow members to experience success in and out of the classroom.


The Eaglettes Program is geared towards 2nd through 5th grade female students. We assist the girls with recognizing and accurately labeling emotions and how they are linked to behavior. This is done with a hands-on active energetic approach. There are three great pillars that are focused on with the Eaglettes; Social — out of the home and into the friend group; Physical — into the world of games and school; Mental — into the world of ideas, logic and communication. These pillars form the basis for pre-adolescence. Focusing on these and obtaining early success in these areas is extremely important for positive self-esteem.

Eagle Beauties

Eagle Beauties is a female program designed to assist middle school girls' deal with the triumphs and trials of the early teenage years. It provides a positive and energetic experience that forms the basis for meetings in which all girls will have the opportunity to improve themselves AND the playing field of relationships between them.

True Eagles

TRUE EAGLE Mentoring Program will provide opportunities for girls to develop. This will inevitably lead them to having a higher self-esteem and experience success in and out of school. TRUE EAGLE is a female mentoring program designed to promote the overall social development in high school females. This program embodies intellectual, personal, and emotional growth. This female mentoring program promotes positive relationships and a mindset of excellence. This program is committed to providing a high quality of support through positive female influence.

This program will also provide a parent component to encourage and assist the parents with maintaining a positive support system. Through this program we attempt to repair the link in the chain of education between high school and college. We aims to increase college awareness, particularly for those students who are least likely to enroll through a college tour of the campus, workshops and fun.

This program has been designed to serve a variety of students. Some start as early as their freshmen year, others in their senior year of high school. This program focuses on increasing college readiness, while others specialize in college admissions or financial aid. Some of our students are potential first-generation college students this program prepares them for a successful higher education experience by enhancing their social emotional learning skills.


S.O.A.R. has been designed as an alumni component of the high school female mentoring program. This program will allow the former members to continue to be mentored as well as give them the opportunity to mentor. We will have constant contact with the young ladies after they graduate from high school. The program will host events for the young ladies when they are home over their Holiday Breaks. These young ladies will be able to share firsthand what the "college life" is really all about. We promote showering our college students with gifts. We promote College Shower as appose to Baby Showers.

VaLarie Humphrey's Speaking Resume

VaLarie Humphrey is an illustrative motivational presenter with a high level of energy with 25 years in the education field. She has a way of empowering others with her words. Thousands have been impacted and inspired to change their paths in life after hearing her words of encouragement. She is a dynamic presenter, speaker, facilitator, educator and activist. She has been labeled as the "at risk" educator. The label represents her desire to impact those that others may have given up on, or those that seem to have no one in their corner. After her first year of teaching, she received the "New Teacher of the Year" Award. She was later recognized in the "Who's Who Among America's Teachers" annual publication. While teaching, she didn't feel that she was reaching the masses of those that needed to be heard.

After spending 13 years in the classroom in Chicago’s Cabrini Green and Bellwood neighborhoods, she was offered an administrative position at an alternative school. Taking the position as principal was a huge change from instructing. Her passion for the "at PROMISE," not the "atrisk," truly had to move to the forefront of her life. She worked at the alternative school for one year before moving to the public school sector to assist the students prior to being placed in an alternative setting. While in her quest to raise awareness about struggling youth and the need for adults to advocate for positive change, she received the "Community Leader Award" from the city of Aurora. In 2012, she founded the True Eagle Beauty Foundation where the quest is to impact lives one community at a time. True Eagle Beauty has already impacted the lives of thousands throughout the state of Illinois. From the middle school to the university level, lives are being changed.

VaLarie Humphrey is credited with founding and leading the following programs in the Chicagoland area:

• Community Champion Project (honoring students in 17 communities/20 schools)

• Eagle Beauties Mentoring Program (middle school females)

• True Eagles Mentoring Program (high school females)

• S.O.A.R. College Connections Program (college enrolled females)

• Eagle Images Partnership (a black female Greek organization unity program)

• College Keepers Project (Annual Project to help keep youth in college until graduation)